Fly Smart: Part 1 "Know your mission"

Private aviation provides abundant luxury and accessibility to its participants but is it efficient? Just because you've depreciated the aircraft to zero doesn't mean it's not costing you money.

If the aircraft doesn't meet your mission (i.e. 80% of trips non-stop) then it's time to re-evaluate.

Let us help:

  • Analyze - we assess your needs to learn your mission.
  • Compare - Detailed comparative analysis to identify the most suitable aircraft
  • Connect - We introduce you with current operators to get the most detailed operational info
  • Test - Try it before you buy it… make the most of our connections - Flightworks, our sister company, can help find you a charter flight in your future aircraft type.

Check back tomorrow to see how you can profit from the 'guys in the know' so you don't pay too much for your next aircraft.