Who is U. S. Aircraft Sales?

We are a team of highly motivated and experienced individuals. Founded in 1975, that team has evolved over the years and today, as in 1975, is led by Rod O’Shea. Our senior brokers Rainer and Jim both have over 30 years of experience in the industry and with the company. Chris, our Sales Analyst and Marketing specialist rounds out the group bring 9 years of industry experience, six with USAS.

Rod, while not as active in the trading scene as he once was, still provides daily sales management to the team, drawing on his 40 plus years of aircraft sales experience. He is constantly challenging us to improve and never let's us become complacent.

Jim focuses on the heavy iron Boeing BBJ’s, Airbus ACJ’s and other commercial size aircraft utilized by ultrahigh net worth individuals, fortune 100 corporations, and heads of state. He has an ability to foresee deals sometimes years in advance and works tirelessly to achieve them.

Rainer’s focus is on the heavy and midsize aircraft from Gulfstream G-650’s all the way to Citations. He possess a wealth of knowledge and experience for importing and exporting aircraft from Europe and his native Germany.

Chris, being the junior understudy, splits his focus across all aircraft categories to ensure the team and our clients stay informed about the latest market trends.