Masters of craft not outsourcing

Ever wonder where and how aircraft brokerages track the markets, truth is – many don’t! Technology has done amazing things for modern society and business alike. The latest iteration of this is from the rise of dedicated research firms. Practically, all brokerage firms’ utilize these services and are provided with basic data about market availability and ownership changes. For many, that incomplete raw data is what they rely on to make decisions – U.S. Aircraft Sales goes above and beyond.

We believe in good old fashioned research, which is why each member of our team works diligently on a daily basis tracking all aspects of the markets, speaking directly with buyers and sellers, insuring we have the most refined and accurate information available. This means, when you call to discuss your aircraft with us, you’re getting the information directly from the source not third partied thru a computer program.

Next time you want the facts and not conjecture – call us.