The only thing we have to fear is fear itself

To a casual observer who sees about 10 price reductions, 7 maintenance updates, and 5 new aircraft for sale ads, on average these days, the market appears to be in full retreat. But such impressions are premature if not plain wrong. The Manufactures sure were busy in January 2016: Embraer delivered 7 new Phenom 300’s; Gulfstream put out 6 new G650’s; and Bombardier handed over 5 new Global 6000’s.

Pre-owned transactions, while not as strong as in years past, continue to persist as well. In Q4 2015, the Global Express market witnessed 11 transactions, the Falcon 900EXEASy / LX market saw 7 retail transaction, and the CJ3 market 9 retail transactions.

The moral of the story is before you join the defeatist mentality fed by fellow brokers spinning the downward price carousel by promulgating asinine price reductions, call us – for the rest of the story. We try to preserve your asset value and not give it away - just for a quick deal.