It's that time of year!

Its earnings season and tax seasons right around the corner… That means, flight department managers, CFO’s, and corporate accountants are all scrambling to figure out what their airplane is worth.  Chances are, many are stuck between the proverbial “rock and hard place” trying to find a value that pleases everyone (i.e. the insurance company, the IRS, the board of directors, etc.). 

Do yourself a (simple) favor – call your local aircraft broker! You know, the guy who calls you every 8-12 weeks wanting to know if the airplane is for sale or not… Because, in addition to talking on the phone, we are tracking everything that moves and what it moved for.  Therefore, with a few basic data points we can save you hours of frustration, and give you a fair market value for your aircraft, in real time.

Oh! And it’s on the house… Yes, free!  That’s our way of saying ‘thanks’ for letting us share all this knowledge we have crammed up in our brains.   More importantly, you will have gained a valuable resource for many tax seasons to come and for the future when it’s time to buy that new aircraft or sell the old one.