Journey on a Dream...

Close your eyes… You’re business travel has made you the consummate gadabout – crossing the world in style on the latest business jet technology, whether it Gulfstream, Dassault, Bombardier, Embraer or Cessna. 

Now comes a Carpe Diem moment unlike any before a chance to seize the crowning jewel of your aviation travel desires, an aircraft affording you the ability to reach nearly any corner of the global in a single flight, a plane offering space and privacy on an unprecedented scale – The Boeing 787-9 BBJ (MSN 37109).

Boeing didn’t name it the Dreamliner for nothing the 787-9 BBJ can travel nonstop 9,500 NM with 25 passengers.

For pricing and delivery details of this one of kind aircraft contact:

Jim Kerrigan
Tel:     +1 (703) 864-0092