Proper Planning prevents…

…[a] Paunch Hangar.  Without fail every year the ads roll out around December 1st“Owner needs [wants] aircraft sold before end of year…” – This is a problem owners and flight departments alike can easily avoid.

While we may not always be your favorite phone call of the day we’ll likely be your most useful. Like we said back in February (‘it’s that time of year’) we do a lot more than just talking on the phone, we are tracking everything that moves and what it moved for.  Therefore, with a few basic data points we can save you hours of frustration, and give you a fair market value for your aircraft, in real time.

Beyond that U.S. Aircraft Sales stands among a select group of aircraft brokers who have the financial ability to purchase inventory aircraft.   Not only that but our exposure and connections with in markets allow us to identify buyers before they become public – that means we may be able to get you full retail for your aircraft – if your time table allows.

So next time we call don’t be afraid to chat us up!