A Year in Reveiw

What Was– 2015 was a good year for business four deals, four satisfied sellers and most importantly four satisfied buyers.

  • February saw the sale of Falcon 2000 (s/n 107) to its new home in Mexico;
  • April reined in yet another deal Falcon 2000LX (s/n 111) ended an esteemed client, Thyssenkrupp’s, aviation linage and started anew with a discrete European buyer;
  • August was a busy month in the office, it saw two deals close first Sovereign (s/n 305) found its new home in the upper Midwest and Boeing Business Jet (BBJ – s/n 38608) sold culmination of months of hard work;
  • Airplane deals weren’t the only thing celebrated in 2015 in September the company eclipsed 40 years in business – still going strong under Rod’s Guidance – Nice Work!

What Is – 2015 also saw new aircraft come for sale, Gulfstream G200 (s/n 18) and Citation Sovereign (s/n 154), as well as a carryover from late 2014 with Falcon 2000 (s/n 61).

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