Attention Sellers

Before you ‘list’ your aircraft,

ask yourself:

  • are you comfortable listing your aircraft with a broker who already has more than one of your aircraft type listed? (‘Conflict of Interest’);
  • if you want to sell your aircraft marketed by a ‘mail order’ firm with little more than a slick website;
  • if you want a sales organization that emulates a Middle Eastern bazar or a ‘used car lot’;

read no further. But if you prefer,

  • an honest ‘one aircraft at a time’ approach that focuses solely on your aircraft and your interests;
  • to use a sales organization with 40 years worth of worldwide contacts to locate buyers swiftly and discretely;
  • a seasoned sales team who you can walk you safely and expertly through the sales process;
  • to deal with someone who has the financial means to buy your aircraft outright if you don’t want to wait for a ‘retail’ buyer;

then call us!