Ever seen a 7 leaf clover?

...Me neither!                                                             

Our Falcon 7X (s/n 210) on the other hand has seven reasons, if you’re in the market, you need to be considering this aircraft!

  • Pedigree:  Owner is Fortune Global Top 10 Company;
  • Coverage: FALCONCARE, ESP Platinum (Eng.), MSP Gold (Apu);
  • Maintenance:  Falcon Broadcast – Provides quicker troubleshooting thus improving AOG time;

  • Avionics: EASy II+ ...Equipped for 2020 and beyond;

  • Interior: Spacious seating for 12 passenger, dual lavatories and Crew Rest Area;

  • Connectivity: MCS-7120 Satcom / AERO H+ w/ Swift Broadband & Wi-Fi;

  • Entertainment: Falcon Cabin HD Entertainment System with Airshow 4000.

For a complete specifications, pricings, and delivery details contact us, today!