Fly Smart: Part 3 "The Closer"

About this time it hits you... Your're about to have that new airplane on your ramp in a few short weeks (even days) - Yikes! - Calm down... We haven't stayed in business over 40 years because we couldn't close a deal.

Here is how it's done:

  • Review - After the pre-buy is completed they issue an inspection report we review it with you employing our technical knowledge to help you understand what it says, means and how best to proceed. - Saves time, money, and eliminates suprises.
  • Rectify and Return - Having reviewed the report and determined with you that with the rectification of the issues identified, the aircraft is good to go we advise the seller and inspection facility to 'fix her up' and get ready to close.
  • Close - Discrepancies are fixed the Aircraft is in a condition suitable for closing - YES! Meanwhile, our team has painstakingly reviewed the contract and has prepared for you every document you send for closing to occur. We structure deals to ensure your money gets exchanged for only one thing, the Aircraft - Deals Done!
  • Happy Flying - There isn't much to this step for us but you, yes YOU are the proud new owner of an aircraft - Enjoy it.

"Day is done, gone the sun...All is well..." If we've done our job right chances are you're jetting around the world, smile on your face, with an aircraft that fits you and your needs like a glove.

Oh! and remember we are always ready to work hard so don't be shy about putting us back to work.