FOR SALE -- Late Model Top Pedigree Falcon 7X

Need a late model 7X? Look no further! 

We have a December 2014 delivered Falcon 7X, with 1,500 hours features a 14 pax interior, with crew rest area, upholstered in Magnolia leather seats with beige side panels.  The crew rest seat can be utilized as a 15 pax seat or by the flight attendant.  

The aircraft is equipped with a complete suite of next gen avionics including: Full EASy II+ w/ RAAS, ADS-B Out, TCAS 7.1, FANS 1/A, Automatic Desent Mode.   Cabin amenities include Airshow 4000 and Swift Broadband wi-fi.  

The aircraft is available for immediate delivery as it is schedule to be replaced with a new Falcon 8X.

Contact Rainer for additional pricing and delivery details.