Gulfstream G200

Steady Stallion... The G200 is consider by some to be a niche aircraft but its mission capabilites are any thing but niche.  G200 (18) revcieved a fresh U.S. C of A in May 2014 after a thorough prebuy at Jet Aviation Geneva.  The current owner made a large investment in the aircraft including installing ATG-5000 Wi-Fi and Airshow 500 along with several service bulletins to make the aircraft future ready.  It's as turnkey an aircraft as any out there.

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  • Fresh US C of A. May 2014
  • ATG-5000 Wi-Fi
  • Airshow 500
  • SB 200-71-245 Replacement of L/R Engine Inlet
  • TCAS II Chg. 7.1 Full Prov.